8 Months of hard work! The pilot for my new web series is finally up! 

The puppets of the PWN are taking over the airwaves! It’s the broadcast premier of the Puppet Wrestletrax Network as TV star and current A-List broadcaster Phillip J. Broadman and his rookie partner, J.B. deliver comically enhanced ear candy like commentary over an Independent Wrestling match.

Also: J.B. finds himself out on his first field assignment where he runs into some special guests!

Guest starring: Fred “Tugboat” Ottman, Patrick Riley, and Bushwacker Luke.

From CAE Media, and The Puppendium Workshop, this is the proof-of-concept pilot episode of the PWN!

(If you have a wrestling match you’d like you’d like to submit to the PWN, please email a link to wrestletrax@gmail.com.)

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_rdOI7-9A8)

REVIEW: ChiroDoc Seat Cushion


As a guy who has a bad back due to years of falling down in wrestling rings, and now I sit in a chair drawing comics for 8 hours a day, comfort is everything.
I’ve tried quite a few lumbar support and orthopedic seat cushions and nothing has ever truly helped me with my lower back problems.
This seat one by Chirodoc, however, has made me very happy!
The design is solid and the breathable mesh cover realigns your spine to keep your posture near perfect which helps to keep pain at a bare minimum.

One thing you’d never think would be a huge selling point is that it keeps you from sitting in a hot seat. Its design allows the posterior to breathe. It’s legitimately irritating to live in a state like Florida where you just sweat buckets all the time and try to sit and work for hours. This product totally delivers on its claim and helps a ton during the summertime.


REVIEW: VASO Voice Rercorder

The #vaso voice recorder! What does it do? It records your voice!!! I gotta say, this has been a pretty cool thing to endorse cause I have been using the crap out of it since I got it last week. So many notes and ideas for new comics and old. I love that it helps with dialog too cause it always helps hearing the words back. I dig it.

REVIEW: “Fire in Me” Brush Set

With the art of inking comics with brushes becoming a dying art form, it is always great to find such amazing detail brushes at a reasonable cost. These brushes are pretty incredible to be completely honest, first and foremost they are packaged better than any brand of brush I’ve ever owned. They come neatly packed and are individually sealed in plastic, along with hard plastic tips to prevent the brush hairs from being bent, broken or warped.
These things create some amazing lines, we’re talking smooth and clean. My fellow comic artist and studio mate Javier Lugo went to town with them and he also is in love with them. They are perfect for comic inking and working in fine arts as well. Check out the video we made of Javier inking up a quick sketch for a demonstration over at the CAE Media youtube channel.
I did receive these brushes for an honest and unbiased review, however, I sincerely loved these brushes and the fact they were sent to me doesn’t sway my opinion of the product.